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history of Pemuda Muhammadiyah

Muhammadiyah Youth inception in chronological existence can be attributed premises Proyo Siswo Priyo (SPP), a movement from the beginning expected KH. Ahmad Dahlan can make coaching activities for teenagers / youth of Islam. In the development SPP made progress, until the Muhammadiyah Congress to 21 in Makassar in 1932, it was decided the establishment of the Muhammadiyah Youth Section, which is part of the Muhammadiyah organization specifically nurturing and educating the young Muhammadiyah family. Muhammadiyah's decision is extraordinary acclaim from among the young Muhammadiyah family, so in a relatively short time Muhammadiyah Youth Section has been established in almost all the twigs and branches of Muhammadiyah. Thus the Muhammadiyah Youth development is the responsibility of Muhammadiyah leaders in their respective levels. For example, at the Muhammadiyah Central Executive level responsibility for caring for, educating and guiding young Muhammadiyah Youth handed over to the Tribunal, namely the institution and the representative of the Central Executive assistant who led the youth movement.

Furthermore Tanwir Assembly approval, Muhammadiyah Youth Section ortom made a deal that has the authority households own organization. Finally, on 26 Dhu al-Hijjah 1350 AH coinciding with the May 2, 1932 officially stands as Muhammadiyah Youth ortom.

Movement Dynamics

Although only formally established in May 2, 1932, Muhammadiyah Youth can not be separated from the initial growth of Muhammadiyah. In areas in East Java, the establishment of Muhammadiyah is often preceded by activities that are spearheaded by the youth. At the beginning of Muhammadiyah growth in various regions, branches and twigs hold the activities in the field of youth and scouting. The branches and twigs hold the container HW coaching young children Muhammadiyah. The efforts made by HW establishment of branches and twigs from the beginning of growth of Muhammadiyah.

Muhammadiyah Youth Growth in the 1930s quite dynamic, and the second half of the decade that each branch has the Muhammadiyah Youth. Evidenced by the implementation of regional conferences attended by leaders of Muhammadiyah Youth branches and twigs. In 1937, the Muhammadiyah Youth conference held in various regions.

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