Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Privilege of Tahajud

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What's on this beautiful night? Amid the busy activities of the day wish you and your family in good health. amin ya robbal alamin ..

Secret prayer as Word Tahajud Allaah al-Qur'an in Surat al-Muzzamil verses 1-2, which reads,

'O thou wrapped up (Muhammad), get up (for prayer) at night. "

This paragraph an appeal to the Prophet Muhammad in order to carry out qiyamul Lail. The word 'covered' means people who are troubled, overwhelmed with grief, anxiety, worry, anxiety or fear in the Ark navigate an uncertain life because of this revelation revealed after the Prophet Muhammad faced severe problems, reviled, threats and attempted murder.

As in our lives everyday that can not be separated from one problem to another problem, if not from the various problems, grief and anxiety. For that, tahajud prayer for us is a necessity in order to face various problems that would not go over. Only to Allaah we seek help, the source of any help to solve the problems we face in our lives today. That is the secret of prayer tahajud.

let's Prayer Tahajud .. ..!

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