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History of Muhammadiyah

Attention K.H. Ahmad Dahlan to his very special young man. The young boy famous Kauman naughty by Kyai approached properly. They successfully collected and compiled in one assembly and given the name "Siswo PROYO". They were given religious education and character and skills.

Around the year 1918 KH. Ahmad Dahlan go tabligh to Solo. When he passed in front of the palace Mangkunegaran Solo, he had seen the young teenage girls marching with the orderly and neat. They dress uniform hat and handkerchief dilehernya see pula.Mereka uniform looks handsome and always happy cheerful.

Arriving in Yogyakarta, Kyai told him what had just seen in Solo to the students. A minister Teachers who participate Romodirdjo Mr. KH. Ahmad Dahlan explained that the youths are Pedvinder Mangkunegaran. Organization Pedvinder are children who follow the scouting movement. They trained as a military marching, trained in simple life, given budipekerti education and guidance given to like to give help to others.

Quickly K. H. Ahmad Dahlan said. Then our children (Muhammadiyah) need to be given such an education. Kyai a good attitude toward new ways received the students eagerly.

One of the students K.H. Ahmad Dahlan is Sarbini an elementary school teacher. Muhammadiyah happens once a Dutch soldier, he's good at marching, blowing trumpets and advanced beat drums (drums) and also good at using firearms. then by Kyai, Youth Sarbini appointed to train the youths Muhammadiyah. Some young men and women were also adept in a variety of games and sports. Then become the Muhammadiyah Youth collected in a scouting organization with uniforms. They practiced with enthusiasm and excitement. Since then stood "Padvinder Muhammadiyah

To be more organized Muhammadiyah Padvinder the committee was formed comprising:

Chairman: H. Muhtar

Vice Chairman: R.H. Hadjid

Secretary: Somodirdjo

Finance: Abdul Hamid BKN.

Organization: Siradj Dahlan

Commander: Sarbini Damiri

At the start time of the establishment, Padvinder Muhammadiyah in training exercises are still using the language cue Dutch, as used by the Dutch soldiers. In its development after the Muhammadiyah Padvinder more organized then the cue used in training their own language. In this way the spirit of love homeland.

All equipment and uniforms are determined and adjusted to the soul and spirit of the Muhammadiyah.

Color shirt: Brown

Color pants: Blue

Both these colors are brown and blue color symbolizes the land and water. It is intended that the Padvinder Muhammadiyah has the spirit of love which is the homeland of Indonesia.

Neck handkerchief Color: Green with the symbol of the sun give white Muhammadiyah each corner written HW Hizbul Wathan stands, which means love of the country. Green symbolizes the fertility of the neck handkerchief homeland Indonesia. Padvinder name was officially changed to the Muhammadiyah, which means the Hizbul Wathan homeland soldiers or love of the country.

More refined scouting lessons tailored to the soul Muhamamdiyah. H.W. lessons marching beside that already use the cue with the local language (Java) which then uses the language of Malays (Indonesia) the lessons HW more emphasis to the deepening of worship and morality of Islam, coupled with martial arts, first-aid.

H.W. symbol also determined the form of flower buds with the words:

means: The race in goodness, which was written on a ribbon below.

Mars song H.W. also made. The song is able to grow rapidly throughout the country. Where did people know Pandu H.W. Pandu is not H.W. Pandu had people call H.W. Until there disuatu scout china town also called Pandu HW That famous picture H.W. at that time. Because rapid H.W. Muhammadiyah Central Executive then considered necessary to form a special section which deals with HW called the Majlis H.W. officially part or Majlis H.W. formed in 1924.

Muhammadiyah Congress later on the 20th in Makassar. also established Muhammadiyah Youth Section was formed to accommodate the current Youth Youth at Muhammadiyah but less interested in the HW Many of the farm H.W. Independence war erupted hurling himself into the military to bear arms against the Dutch who tried to colonize Indonesia again nation. TNI Commander in Chief who is a child's first educational outcome HW and a leader H.W. in Banyumas.

On March 10, 1961 President Sukarno called the Scout scout Indonesia numbering no less than 60 scout. The President delivered his mandate that the existence of many scout scout associations in Indonesia does not reflect the unity of Indonesia. Therefore scout scout must be willing to immerse themselves in one place only ie Scout named Scout (Praja Muda Karana). Willpower President can not refuse again. With a heavy heart the sense of Pandu-scout leader who was forced to accept that the will of President Sukarno.

Then on the 28th of Shawwal 1380 AH, coincided with the date March 15, 1961 the scout-a scout that disperse and immerse yourself in one container integrity is now a scout. On that date was a historic event and moving to scout scout in Indonesia. Scout-scout flag was taken down and replaced with scout scout with pictures Tunas Kelapa.

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