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History of Muhammadiyah Student Association

Muhammadiyah Students Association (HDI) which was established in 1961. Background of the establishment of IPM inseparable connection with the founding of Muhammadiyah background as a Muslim missionary movement ma'ruf nahi unjust verdicts, which wanted to make purification of the practice of Islamic teachings, as well as one consequence of the many schools that are charitable efforts to nurture and educate Muhammadiyah cadre. Therefore it is necessary the presence of the Muhammadiyah Students Association as an organization of students who have been called to the mission of Muhammadiyah and want to appear as a pioneer, falsifies pelangsung Muhammadiyah struggle.
If traced far back, actually the efforts of students to establish student organization Muhammadiyah Muhammadiyah had begun long before the Muhammadiyah Students Association was established in 1961. In 1919 founded the diocesan Siswo an organization for student council in Madrasah Muhammad-madiyah Mu'allimin Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. In 1926, in Malang and Surakarta standing GKPM (Muhammadiyah Student Association of Family). Later in the year 1933 stood Hizbul Wathan in which students gathered Muhammadiyah. 

After the year 1947, the founding of Muhammadiyah student bags for the move began to get resistance from various parties, including the Muhammadiyah itself. In 1950, in Sulawesi (the area Wajo) Muhammadiyah Students Association was established, but eventually dissolved by the local leadership of Muhammadiyah. In 1954, in Yogyakarta standing GKPM 2 months old because dissolved by Muhammadiyah. Later in the year 1956 GKPM re-established in Yogyakarta, but also dissolved by Muhammadiyah (the Assembly Education and Teaching Muhammadiyah). After GKPM disbanded, in 1956 founded the Union SMA Muhammadiyah who then plans to hold a meeting of Central Java. However, this effort got a challenge from Muhammadiyah, even the threat aktifisnya Muhammadiyah expelled from school if the equipment will continue his plans. In 1957 also stood IPSM (Institute of Muhammadiyah School Students) in Surakarta, who also received resistance from Muhammadiyah itself.
Resistance from various parties, including Muhammadiyah, to efforts to establish the container or for students Muhammadiyah organization is actually a reflection of history and politics in Indonesia, which occurred at the beginning of this idea rolling. If a wider span of history, the establishment of IPM can not be separated to do with a political background of Islamic ummah as a whole. When the Islamic Party Masyumi standing, the Islamic organizations in Indonesia drew a line by making a declaration (which later became known to the Declaration of Panca Cita), which contains about a unity of Islamic ummah, that Muslims are united in a single Islamic party, namely Masyumi; one movement Muslim students are Muslim Students Association (HMI); one Islamic youth movement, namely the Indonesian Muslim Youth Movement (GPII); an Islamic student movement, namely the Indonesian Islamic Students (PII), and one Scout Islam, namely the Islamic Pandu (PIs). Unanimous agreement of these Islamic organizations can not survive long, because in 1948 out of Masyumi PSII which was then followed by NU in 1952. While Muhammadiyah stay in Masyumi until Masyumi disbanded in 1959. Muhammadiyah persistence eventually become mainstream in Masyumi strong that the declaration should be upheld for the sake of Panca Cita Indonesian Islamic ummah unity. In addition, resistance to the idea of Muhammadiyah HDI is also due to the notion that feeling enough with the younger generation pockets of Muhammadiyah, such as the Muhammadiyah Youth and Nasyi'atul 'Aisyiyah, which could be enough to accommodate the interests of students Muhammadiyah.
With persistence and stability of Muhammadiyah student activists at that time to establish a cadre organization Muhammadiyah among students eventually began having dots of light and began to show keberhasilanya, when in 1958 the Muhammadiyah Youth Regional Conference in Garut trying to protect the activities of students under the Muhammadiyah Muhammad-madiyah Youth supervision. That effort began when founding a student organization Muhammdiyah done with a serious, intensive and systematic. Discussions on the need for student organizations stood mostly done by the leaders of Muhammadiyah Youth Center-madiyah Muhammad with Muhammadiyah Central Executive.
With decision-madiyah Muhammad Youth conference in Garut was eventually strengthened in the second Muhammadiyah Youth Conference which took place on 24-28 July 1960 in Yogyakarta, namely by deciding to form the Muhammadiyah Students Association (Decision II / No. 4). The decision of which is as follows:
Muhammadiyah Youth Conference to the one asking the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Council of Education and Teaching in order to give a chance and memnyerahkan competence of IPM to the formation of PP Muhammadiyah Youth. Muhammadiyah Youth Conference mengama-natkan to Muhammadiyah Central Executive to formulate conceptions of Muhammad-madiyah Student Association (HDI) from the conference deliberations, and to begin immediately after reaching a consensus of opinion with the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Council of Education and Teaching.
Finally achieved a consensus between the leaders of Muhammadiyah Youth Center with the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Council for Education and Teaching about the student organization Muhammadiyah. The agreement reached on June 15, 1961, signed jointly by the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Youth Center with Chairman Muhammadiyah Central Council for Education and Teaching. Plan the establishment of the aged for longer in the HDI Conference in Surakarta Muhammadiyah Youth 18-20 July 1961, and nationally through the forum HDI can stand. Date July 18, 1961 set as the birthday of the Muhammadiyah Students Association.
IPM development could eventually expand the network so that it can reach all Muhammadiyah schools in Indonesia. IPM leader (branch level) is established in every school Muhammadiyah. The establishment of IPM Leadership in Muhammadiyah schools eventually lead to a contradiction with the policy of the New Order government in Keormasan Act, that the only organization of students in schools that exist in Indonesia is the Intra-School Student Organization (OSIS). While in Muhammadiyah schools also have student organization Muhammadiyah, the HDI. Thus, there is dualism student organization Muhammadiyah schools. Even at the Regional Leadership Conference on IPM in 1992 in Yogyakarta, Minister of Youth and Sports at the time (Akbar Tanjung) specifically and implicitly convey the government's policy to HDI, HDI to make adjustments to government policy.
Counter-productive in these situations, eventually forming the HDI Central Executive in charge of the team's existence in particular resolve this matter. Having conducted an intensive review, the team's existence is recommending changes in the name of the Muhammadiyah Students Association to the Muhammadiyah Youth Association. These changes could have been a tragic event in the history of the organization, because the amendments contain elements of the government co-optation. Some even consider that the HDI does not have the soul of heroism as they are owned by the PII that still would not admitted Pancasila as the sole principle of organization.
But the real change of name is blessing in Disguise (Mercy hidden). Change the name of the HDI to further expand IRM actual network and the reach of this organization that does not reach only students, but also the basis of other teens, such as students, street children, and others.
This name change decision contained in the Central Executive Decree No. VI/PP.IPM/1992 HDI, which was subsequently approved by the Muhammadiyah Central Executive on 18 November 1992 by the Central Executive Decree No. 53/SK-PP/IV.B Muhammad-madiyah / 1.b/1992 about the name change of the Muhammadiyah Students Association became the Muhammadiyah Youth Association. Thus, officially changes to RMI is HDI since November 18, 1992. (rOne)

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